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November 29, 2017 Agenda

Page history last edited by Lauren 2 years, 9 months ago

Wed, Nov 29, 2017 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM MST




·         Notetaker for meeting?

·         Sheila Bonnand’s proposal, database, maps, etc.  See http://guides.lib.montana.edu/c.php?g=198201&p=1302876

·         Debbi Kramer checking with MLA speakers James LaRue and Marci Merola.

·         Create a new document outlining the responsibilities of being an IFC member. This would be useful for recruiting new member so they have some understanding ahead of time about the time commitment and how understanding we are about people’s time, i.e. members enjoy considerable latitude in their active/inactive role.

·         IF challenges, how to better document, support, elicit submissions, canvass librarians in person at MLA? How do we address specific librarian fears related to job security, readiness for challenges, updated policies, etc.?

·         Request on Wired-MT for challenges, policies/guidelines for choosing speakers/events, meeting room policy updates in response to recent challenges.

·         Bitterroot public library challenge. Mark Wetherington.

·         MLA award nominees. Names?

·         IFC booth at MLA, posters, a cut-out for photographs, stickers? E.g. “I’m not afraid of challenges”

·         FTR webinar, November 27. "Privacy to Pornography: What Staff Need to Know About Intellectual Freedom” Feedback?

·         IFC recruitment for new members especially school librarians.  Wendy Campbell said she is interested in joining.

·         State of States meeting, November 30th online.

·          https://www.lrs.org/fast-facts-reports/challenged-materials-in-colorado-public-libraries-2016/

·         Further edits to the MLA IFC docs?  What about incorporating sections on censorship, privacy, access, free press, social media, fake news, net neutrality/broadband access, academic freedom/campus speech, 1st amendment issues, etc.  See wiki at http://mlaif.pbworks.com/w/page/7835454/Montana%20Library%20Association%20Intellectual%20Freedom%20Committee



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