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IFC meeting minutes 04-12-18

Page history last edited by Lauren 2 years, 3 months ago

MLA IFC Meeting Minutes


Present: Jim Kammerer, Suzie McIntyre, Gavin Woltjer, Anne Kish,

Angela Jordan, Lauren McMullen, Rachel Rawn, Suzie Catherine, Kathleen Godfried, Kendra Mullison, Matt Beckstrom, Stef Johnson, Annie Alger, Katie Rende, Jim Semmelroth


Maintenance of IFC Map

Sheila, Gavin, and Jim are working on mapping material challenges. They are drafting a Memo of Understanding between the Montana Library Association and MSU Bozeman. The aim of the project is to create and maintain a digital map that will document the details of challenges. The map will link to all available materials, including articles from the press. The team hopes to unveil this map in time for Banned Books Week 2019.


Guest Speaker for ImagineIF  

The ImagineIf Library contacted the IFC to request ideas for a guest speaker to present on the topics of social justice and information as a basic human right. The IFC recommended Lisa Mecklenberg Jackson. If she is not available, the Imagine If library will solicit further ideas from the IFC.


IFC Chair

The IFC thanks Jim Kammerer for his outstanding leadership as Chair of the IFC!!!


The committee is soliciting nominations for a new chair. Jim reported that the duties include quarterly meetings and reports for both MLA and ALA. The chair has the opportunity to plan training and events and also serves as the contact person for anyone requesting help with a materials challenge. Lauren suggested the possibility of replacing the chair with co-chairs in order to distribute these many responsibilities between two people.


MLA Resolution on Net Neutrality

Matt Beckstrom authored the resolution, which is on the homepage of the MLA website. He edited the first draft of the resolution to include language regarding state legislators, in hopes of getting more support at the state level. At the membership meeting this Friday, all MLA members are asked to vote on whether or not to adopt this resolution.


IFC Bootcamp

Thanks to Jim Kammerer and Sheila Bonnand, the IFC brought ALA Directors Jamie LaRue and Marci Merola to this conference to present a workshop on library advocacy training. Jamie and Marci also present a "train the trainer" advocacy workshop. Matt Beckstrom has attended that training, and highly recommends it. Various IFC members have spoken with Jamie and Marci about the possibility of presenting that workshop at the annual Chico retreat on October 13th and 14th. Marci confirmed interest in doing this. The ALA Directors and the IFC will see if schedules and funding can be negotiated to make this possible.


Next Meeting

A Doodle poll will be conducted to determine the next IFC meeting date.


Meeting minutes submitted by Anne Kish.


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