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May 9, 2018 IFC meeting agenda

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05/09/2018   4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.




1.  Who would like to take notes for this meeting?

2.  Additions to the agenda?

3. Approve April 3 and April 12 IFC meeting minutes.

4. Current by-laws say that IFC committee should be between 3-9 members with representation from ASLD, PLD, and SLD. By-laws also indicate some flexibility to expand the allowable number of committee members with MLA board approval. Here is the list of MLA members interested in joining MLA IFC committee as new IFC members:

  • Suzie Catharine, Livingston Public Library
  • Rachel Rawn, Havre-Hill County
  • Annie Alger, Missoula Public
  • Selya Avila, Missoula Public
  • Kendra Mullison, North Lake County Public
  • Katy Rende, Montana State Library
  • Hayley Botnen, Billings West/Skyview H.S.
  • Noel Osterman,  Great Falls Central Catholic High School Media Center
  • Kerri Cobb – Bozeman High School Library
  • James Howland – Big Sandy Public Schools


And here is the current IFC member list:


4.  Ask MLA president and board to approve the new IFC members and accept the nomination of Angela Jordan and Lauren McMullen as IFC co-chairs for 2018-2021.


5. Ask MLA board how current IFC members that are about to complete two consecutive 3 years terms might continue their connection or membership with the IFC.  See Committee Appointment rules in MLA handbook that limits the number of consecutive terms to be served at two terms.


6.  Discuss budget and activities for 2018-2019.






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