052518 IFC meeting agenda

05/25/2018 Meeting agenda

10 a.m. to 10:30


1.  Angela has offered to take notes for this meeting.

2.  Additions to the agenda?

3. Approve April 3 and April 12 IFC meeting minutes.

4. Current by-laws say that IFC committee should be between 3-9 members with representation from ASLD, PLD, and SLD. Here is the list of MLA members interested in joining MLA IFC committee as new IFC members:


And here is the current IFC member list:


4.  Ask MLA president and board to approve the new IFC members and accept the nomination of Angela Jordan and Lauren McMullen as IFC co-chairs for 2018-2021.


5.  Four school librarians are interested in filling the three school librarian slots.  How do we choose? Also, Jim and Bobbi have already served 2 consecutive three year terms. We need to recruit replacement for 2 ASLD slots. How do we accommodate the public librarians interested in joining IFC? Include them as affiliates?


6. Discuss MSU/IFC MOA for the Montana Banned Books project.


7. Discuss budget and activities for 2018-2019.


8.  Intellectual Freedom challenge to H.S. curriculum in Billings. Discussion? Should we record this on our wiki?