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For School Library Media Specialists

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  Intellectual Freedom 101 - presented at Park High School on November 18, 2010 

       Power Point Slide Presentation 

       Presentation Links - to resources discussed during the session

       Exercises  - real-life Montana school censorship scenarios 


Take a look at some examples of Policies Relating to Intellectual Freedom



AASL Essential Links  Intellectual Freedom resources from the American Association of School Librarians

School Library Media Centers and Intellectual Freedom  toolkit from the American Library Association

Intellectual Freedom Manual 8  online supplement to the to the print edition from ALA

National Council of Teachers of English Anti-Censorship Center includes the Five Most Helpful Resources and more.


Reconsideration Procedures Flowchart:


Letters and justifications:


Additional Resources: 


News from the trenches - Managing censorship attempts in the school library: 

"If I only knew then, what I know now..."  Listen to this interview (mp3 file) with Lockwood Middle School Library Media Specialist Johanna Freivalds on her experience with a challenge to "The Guy Book" and other titles.  The interview is around 50 minutes long and takes a little while to load.  Be patient - it's worth the wait.


A dirty Little Secret: self-censorship  - from School Library Journal.


From the Field:  Librarians talk about self censorship


Walk the Line:  the fine line between selection & censorship - further reading.




  • Boyer, Paul S. Purity in Print: Book Censorship in America from the Gilded Age to the Computer Age. University of Wisconsin Press, 2002.
  • Doyle, Robert P. Banned Books: Celebrating Our Freedom to Read. American Library Association, 2010.
  • Karolides, Nicholas J. Literature Suppressed on Political Grounds. Facts on File, 1998.
  • Office for Intellectual Freedom. Intellectual Freedom Manual, 8th ed. American Library Association, 2010.
  • Reichman, Henry. Censorship and Selection: Issues and Answers for Schools.  American Library Association, 1988.
  • Scales, Pat. Protecting Intellectual Freedom in Your School Library: Scenarios from the Front Lines. American Library Association, 2009.
  • Simmons, John S. and Eliza T. Dresang. School Censorship in the 21st Century: A Guide for Teachers and School Library Media Specialists.  International Reading Association, 2001.
  • Sova, Dawn B. Literature Suppressed on Social Grounds. Facts on File, 1998.
  • Work, Clemens P. Darkest Before Dawn: Sedition and Free Speech in the American West. University of New Mexico Press, 2005.


  • Themed issues of Knowledge Quest - a publication of the AASL division of American Library Association (available on InfoTrac)

Intellectual Freedom 101  November - December 2007  vol 36  Issue 2

Intellectual Freedom Online  September - October 2010  vol 39  Issue 1

Censorship Videos

Censorship in the schools (pico) 

Teen’s take on censorship  

Overcome censorship in your school 

Looking for Alaska - I am not a pornographer  

Censorship videos 

Banned Books #1  

Banned Books #2

Banned Books #3

Banned Books #4

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