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Reported Library Materials Challenges

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Reported Library Challenges in Montana



  ***** not a school library book or school curriculum text; title loaned to student from private collection  





Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian Sherman Alexie Geraldine School District - parent challenged as an inappropriate book for the classroom (sex and language) (2012)
Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian  Sherman Alexie Helena High School - retained (2011)
Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian Sherman Alexie Billings School District #2  - retained 2013
Aghora II: Kundalini Robert E. Svoboda Billings Public Library -- retained 2018
Alligators in the sewer and 222 other urban legends
Thomas J. Craughwell school--removed from collection per school policy at superintendent's direction "books did not meet curricular expectations" (2005)
American Psycho Bret Easton Ellis public – committee recommended retention (1991)
Are You There God?  It’s Me Margaret Judy Blume school – retained (1985)
Dead Folks Jon A Jackson Big Sky High School (Missoula) retained 2009
Beastly Boys and  Ghastly Girls William Cole school – retained (1991)
The Big Sky 
A. B. Guthrie school – resolution unreported (1992)
Black Magic, Satanism, Voodoo 
Dr. Leo Martello public – discarded because of physical condition; not reordered (1993)
Blind Date
R.L. Stine school–retained (1992)
Judy Blume school – retained (1985)
Bump in the Night  Anne Rockwell  school  – retained (1989)
Bumps in the Night   Harry Allard  school – retained (1994)
Catcher in the Rye   J. D. Salinger                 

 school– resolution unknown; reported by ALA


Big Sky High School (Missoula)  retained




 Edith Hurd  public – retained (1991)
Cavalcade of Witches
 H.Z. Walck  public – resolution unreported (1991)
Contemporary Social Problems
 (textbook)  school (curriculum) – retained (1995)
Daddy's Little Girl Director: Chris Sun (DVD) Billings Public Library-- retained 2018
A Day No Pigs Would Die   Robert Peck  school – resolution unreported 

school – retained



 Judy Blume  school – retained (1985)
The Devil and All His Works *****  Dennis  Wheatley                 school (1993)
Die Softly  Christopher Pike school – resolution unreported (1995)
Dragon Lance Chronicles


Margaret Weis
Tracy Hickman
public – complaint not pursued (1991) 
Drama Raina Telgemeier school library 2017
Elf Quest Book #4  Kay Reynolds public – retained (1992)

Enormous Crocodile
Roald Dahl  school – complaint not pursued (1992) 
The Exes  Pagan Kennedy school – resolution unreported (2003)
Faerie Tale Theatre:  Sleeping Beauty (video)  Shelley Duvall public – retained (1992) 
Family Secrets  Norma Klein public – retained (1990)
A Fan’s Notes  Frederick Exley public – complaint not pursued (1989)
Fifty Shades of Grey (audio version) E.L. James Billings Public Library -- retained 2016
Final Exit  Derek Humphry  public – retained (1994)
Fit of Shivers  Joan Aiken  school – resolution unreported (1993)
Fool’s Crow James Welch

school (curriculum) – removed 

school (curriculum) – retained



For Those I Loved Martin Gray Kohrs Memorial Library - retained 2009
Forever War I  Joe Haldeman public – retained (1992)

Girls are Girls/Boys are Boys

So What’s the Difference


Sol Gordan public – retained  (1998)
The Giver Lois Lowry school – retained  (1996)
Golden Compass  Phillip Pullman school – retained (2000)
Gollanca  Joan Aiken school – resolution unreported (1993)
Grandpa’s Ghost Stories James Flora 

school – committee recommended removal

school – retained



The Guy Book  Mavis Jukes Lockwood Middle School (Billings)--school board voted to retained after complaintant challenged superintendent's decision to retain (2006)
Hammer of Eden  Ken Follette school – retained (2000)
Harris and Me  Gary Paulsen school – retained (2000)
Haunted  R.L Stine school – retained (1992)
Hosie’s Alphabet  Leonard Baskin public – retained (1988)
Into the World of the Dead Michael Boughn

Superintendent and principal decided to remove it from the library as not appropriate for the Clinton elementary school

King Stork Howard Pyle 

school – retained but flagged as not
suitable for some readers 


school- restricted access





Lulu Goes to Witch School  Jane O’Connor school – retained (1992)
The Marbury Lens Andrew Smith Bozeman Public Library - retained 2013
Meeting Room Policy Bitterroot Public Library Board public--upheld library meeting room policy in face of challenge to deny a group
from using the meeting room (2017)                                                                                                                              
Montana Gothic   Dirck Van Sickle  public – retained  (1989)
More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark  Alvin Schwartz school – resolution unreported (1994)
National Wildlife Magazine  National Wildlife
school – retained and offered to add new title to serial collection to provide balance  (1995)
A Natural History of Unnatural Things Daniel Cohen public – retained and reclassified from youth to adult collection  (1994) 
The Joy of Gay Sex  Charles Silverstein
Felice Picano

public – retained (1993)

Lewis & Clark Library (Helena) - retained (2008)
Not in God’s Image  *****  Julia O’Faolain school (1993)
One Teenager in 10  Ann Heron, editor public – complaint not pursued (1993)
Our Bodies, Ourselves Boston Women’s
Health Book Collective

school – removed, then shelved with restricted borrowing policy

public – retained 




Outside Over There Maurice Sendak school – retained  (1991)
Passenger Andrew Smith Bozeman Public Library - retained 2013
Punkzilla Adam Rapp Park High School Library - retained 2014
Raw Head, Bloody Bones  Mary Lyons school – retained  (1992)
Redbook Magazine Hearst Corporation school – subscription not renewed  (1992)
Red Sky at Morning  Richard Bradford school – resolution unknown; reported
by ALA 
Red Woolen Blanket Bob Graham public – complaint not pursued  (1992)  
Rolling Stone Magazine Straight Arrow

school – removed

school – removed

school – access restricted








Runaways  Jeffrey Artesen school – removed (1995)
Sexy Joyce Carol Oates school - retained (2007)
Shazira Shazam and the Devil  Erica Ducornet school – retained (1990)
Siddhartha  Herman Hesse &
Hilda Rosner, translator
school – resolution unreported  (1992)
Sink or Swim Betty Miles school – resolution unreported  (1993)
Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself Judy Blume school – retained   (1985)
Staying at Sam’s Jenny Hessel public – complaint not pursued   (1992)
The Story of Stuff video Big Sky High School (curriculum) - removed 2009
Summer Awakening Anita Eires public – retained  (1990)
Superfudge Judy Blume school – retained   (1985)
Then Again Maybe I Won’t Judy Blume school – retained   (1985)
Two Boys Kissing David Levithan public library - retained 2017
Two by Two Kathryn Hewitt public – complaint not pursed  (1990)
Unfinished Business Maggie Scarf  public – retained (1989) 
Urban Legends
Thomas J. Craughwell school--removed from collection per school policy at superintendent's direction "books did not meet curricular expectations" (2005)
Valentine for Dragon Shirley Rousseau
school – relocated, cover removed,flagged “not for all readers” (1993)
The Vanishing Hitchkiker; American Urban Legends
Jan Brunvand school--removed from collection per school policy at superintendent's direction "books did not meet curricular expectations" (2005)
Viking’s Daughter John Andrews public – retained  (1991)  
Visions of the Future:
Magic Numbers and Cards
Stephanie Reiff  school – removed by superintendent  (1989)
We All Fall Down Robert Cormier school – retained   (1995)
What Kids Want to Know About Sex and Growing Up (film)   school – retained (1994)
What’s Happening to Me? (film)   school – removed (1994) 
When Someone You  Know is Gay Susan Cohen public – complaint not pursued   (1993)
Wicked Stepdog Carol Lea  Benjamin school – resolution unreported  (1994)
Winterkill Craig Lesley school – removed from required course reading list, but retained in library  (1993)
Witch Poems Daisy Wallace school – retained (1993)
Witches, Pumpkins  & Grinning Ghosts  Edna Barth school – retained (1991) 
Witch’s Handbook 
Malcolm Bird school – resolution unreported  (1989)
Wizard & Glass
Stephen King school – resolution unreported  (1999)
 World War II  Ivor Matanle Warren Elementary School (Helena) - retained  2008



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